»Die Exposition« reflects the visual culture of the United States as a culture of political and politicized landscapes. It was developed during a three-month stay in Atlanta, Georgia, prior to the 2016 Presidential election. The work circles around motifs such as the car, the desert, the city, or the technical image itself, questioning how photography and image-making had inscribed into U.S. American political culture and what remained of that in 2016. For this purpose, I examined iconic images, motifs and related ideas which I found in books like Hannah Arendt’s »On Revolution«, Paul Auster’s »Moonpalace«, and Jean Baudrillard’s »America«. I sketched my research in notebooks which ultimately served as logbooks during the trip. As I wanted to try Ansel Adam’s »Zone System«, I decided for an analog medium-format camera and black-and-white film.

An accompanying booklet reads like an ironic comment on the images, so that both, images and text relate to each other like thesis and antithesis.

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150 × 110 cm, 110 × 110 cm, 68 × 68 cm

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323 × 323 cm