The film circles around the scene of a seismological station and negotiates which traces and cracks can be found in our thinking along the history of earthquakes. Starting from the physical uncertainty principle, the film examines what the obsession with being able to view the world sharply and without distortion has to do with the history of science and culture.
The filmic montage of analogue photographs and essayistic text fragments creates a never-ending reel of still-images that transports the film along its narrative.
In this way, an associative access to reality is formulated that recognises uncertainty and blurriness itself as conditions of experience and thus questions a principle of photographic and cinematic evidence.


This film is based on the book »Das Signal«, published by  Edition Taube in 2022.


Ann-Kathrin Müller


Judith Engel

Montage + Animation

Katharina Jabs


Irene Baumann

Sound + Musik

Paul Abbrecht


Kate Vanovitch

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