The exploration of questions about the photographic image and its representation within and through the exhibition space is the starting point for an exhibition by Javier Klaus Gastelum and Ann-Kathrin Müller at Matjö, Raum für Kunst in Cologne. From Klaus‘ „Archive of Beautiful Spaces“ („Archiv schöner Räume“), a collection of photographs of interiors that he takes from online real estate advertisements, Ann-Kathrin selected an image whose space she recreated in basic outline on a scale of 1:10 in her studio. A spatial object which reflects the formal language and materiality of minimalist works from the 1960s and 1970s was added to the image. Pictured in black-and-white with a large-format camera, the recreated space has transformed into a museum-like hall with a skylight. . In response to Ann-Kathrin’s photograph, Klaus developed a spatial intervention for Matjö and hung a framed print of this photograph in the exhibition space. The collaboration thus opens up a discourse on the conditions of reception and presentation of photographic images and of exhibiting, itself.

Javier Klaus Gastelum und Ann-Kathrin Müller: „1:1“, Matjö – Raum für Kunst, Köln


Bildgröße 30 × 37,5 cm

Blattgröße 47 × 56,2 cm